Bridging the Gap

I love the energy around the banks of the Cheekye River. The energy of the water flowing here can rapidly change the shape of the channel. It’s such a powerful force of nature. Rivers are sacred places. They can awaken in us feelings of rejuvenation.

Every time I hike here,  I always discover something new or notice a change in the way nature presents itself. It is the silent passage of time leaving its mark on this place. It’s meaningful to me because it is a place of perpetual transformation. River rocks churn loudly below the surface as they make their way downstream. They too are rounded and smoothed by the force of this watercourse which uplifts them. I can not see them but I know with certainty that they exist. They are calling me.

The ocean isn’t too far away now. Soon the river will reach its destination and drain into Howe Sound. The large fallen tree that reaches over the river today is a perfect place for the work. I am inspired to make a connection between the two banks. I place the letters on the log which seems so perfectly grounded between these two banks. Love is bridging the gap and allowing the waters to flow effortlessly. I am one with the river.  Love reaches out to make that connection.Bridging the Gap

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