Nature is My Source of Inspiration for Resilience



I am attracted to color and texture in nature. This cliff overlooking the ocean is battered by the elements all year round and despite the harsh conditions these plants thrive. There is a bed of yellow-green moss creating a beautiful contrast for the maroon leaves of the neighboring plant. All the constituents of this micro landscape are perfectly arranged. This looks to me like an abstract sketch, occurring randomly and yet seemingly organized by divine order. Nature is truly a magnificent artist.

This small collection of plants clings to the rock with ease.  They are woven by nature and connected by time and space. They face the same adversity together everyday and the strength of one is closely related  to the survival of the other. There is very little soil available for proper rooting but the plants find a way to create permanence. Together they sustain their existence on the rock. They are enduring of all that comes their way.

This reminds me of our capacity to be resilient to adversity and hardship as individuals. Our ability to cope is enhanced when we are able to stand together. We foster resilience by having strong connections within our families and our communities. I do the work here because this is a compelling visual representation.  All art is metaphor. This small scene expresses how love facilitates strong human bonds. It is these connections that make us collectively more resilient.


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