Can you love a fallen tree?



I love this old weathered tree. It fell on the path where I was walking. There is something about its time-worn appearance and its craggy branches  which attracts me to it. Its gnarled beauty mesmerizes me. I almost wish it could speak to me and declare its long-held wisdom.

Physical youth and perfection are such an obsession of our modern-day culture. We are conditioned to  perceive and experience in a certain way.  Western culture associates value and worth  with a certain kind of beauty.  This tree in its fallen state evokes wonder and inspiration for me. It expresses the idea that beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder. Its imperfection exudes character. Nature has runs its course, such is clear. I can see the impact of weathering, time and decay, all natural forces on the tree. I am not blind to its deteriorating condition but beauty is subjective and therefore elusive.

So much of our reality is tainted by our own perceptions. When you approach life from a non-judgmental, neutral position everything has the potential to be beautiful. The tree speaks to me of our human condition. If we have the capacity to create our reality then why not be more careful and mindful in that process?

Our perceptions are the artistic medium by which we experience  and share the world around us. We can create beauty around us with a kind heart and an open mind. I made a choice to see beyond the immediate, material existence of this tree. I choose to see the tree in consideration of its journey and its own unique story. We are all imperfect and fallen in some way.  We all have a story to tell that is meaningful and relevant. We all face challenges and adversity on some level.

Reality is one which we can collectively and  consciously co-create.  To live up to our divine potential we must choose to transcend our limiting beliefs and be more mindful of what filters our perceptions. Choosing to perceive the word around us in a more loving way is something we can do effortlessly. It does not require riches, strength or power. It is within our reach. It is our responsibility. Create more goodness around you by practicing loving awareness.  See beauty where it so desperately needs to be perceived.











2 thoughts on “Can you love a fallen tree?

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