Sometimes Love is Found in Unusual Places



Sometimes love is found in unusual places. We create beauty in the world when we offer a sense of love to circumstances or people who are in need of it. Our ability to add love to any given environment is a choice we make.  I think we are all born with this innate ability. Choosing to lean into a situation with love not only benefits others but it also expands our own self. It is found in moments when we transcend what holds us back. Compassion is a place of solid ground and it is stronger than fear.  Create with love and gain new perspectives in the process.

I found this rock while wandering in the alpine this summer. It  made me consider the powerful natural forces that resulted in the rock being split in two. I’ve seen pictures of other similar granite rocks and know that they exist in many locations around the world. Aesthetically, the rock appealed to me immediately. I love the lines, the textures and the solidity of the material. Placing the love letters in this inspiring setting is an expression of what is important to me. I create this photographic moment to capture the personal meaning of this work. It is the visual representation of a desired way of being for me, a belief, and even a wish for the future. There is a place for the spiritual in art because it is through art that we connect again to our humanity. Art, and therefore artists, have an important role to play in the healing of our planet, countries, communities, and families. It’s really very simple; when you foster creativity, you foster more love in the world.

My wish for this blog is to encourage others to start considering the healing power of their inner sense of creativity.  I know that creating can help people find more happiness and purpose in their lives. It has helped me face significant challenges in my life and it is my belief that there is an urgent need to nurture such a collective awareness in our times.

” There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.”  Leonard Cohen,  lyrics from the song “Anthem”



2 thoughts on “Sometimes Love is Found in Unusual Places

    • I am so honored to meet you online. I am moved very much by your story. You are a strong person and I admire your courage to use your creativity to heal your broken heart. We have this in common. I empathize with you on your feelings of loss. I wish you great inspiration and look forward to seeing more of your work soon.

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