Artists Are The Modern-Day Mystics

The Seat

Legends and myths are rife with stories of sacred stones. I am fascinated by the idea of holy relics and wonder where are the holy relics of our modern-day culture. Do we even have these kinds of sacred natural spaces or objects anymore? The existence of these stone objects is well documented in literature, religion and philosophy. Are we losing our affinity to stone as the material of choice for divine expression? I think it might be because our customs and traditions are becoming ever more disconnected from the natural world.

Monarchs are said to require stone pillows for coronation. Stones seems to be the go to material for any act of consecration or remembrance. It is associated with magical powers and moments of prophecy. It is the material of choice for artists wishing to express the spiritual in art for thousands of years.

I found this naturally occurring rock chair on a  mountain top recently. It was hollowed out of the rock formation. It created an inviting place to rest and think about these notions. Placing the love letters in this location seemed like an obvious necessity.

If I had magical powers I would make  this a common stone of destiny. It would be a place for all to celebrate the cause of love and the power of love above all else. Wouldn’t it be extraordinary to have such a story and tradition in our culture today.

It’s really not that difficult to create  places of meaning in our lives. Creativity can help us connect to places that inspire us and give us strength. Artists are the modern-day mystics. They help us transcend the ordinariness of our day-to-day lives by making us feel and reconnect to our souls. They are the stewards of our imagination and it is the secret to manifesting our collective transformation.




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