The Role of Love in the Creative Process




Unconditional love is inspiring, anytime, anywhere. It is a life source and a powerful creative force. Water, fresh air, shelter, and nourishment sustain the physical being. The soul, however, needs love, acceptance and a sense of belonging to evolve.

My family is my greatest source of inspiration because their love grounds me with a sense of belonging. I am grateful for their love and support of my creative project. Without this crucial foundation, it would be very difficult for me to take any kind of creative risk in my life.

Creativity is all about taking risks. It is what sustains innovation and new ways of thinking. Fostering creative intelligence can have a positive impact in so many areas of our life whether it be personal, business or community.

Creativity requires supportive environments to thrive. Artists need to learn success habits that help originality. Practicing awareness and mindfulness helps to tap into your muse.  This is difficult in a world that is determined to distract. Observation and reflection are staple activities of the creative spirit.

The product of creativity is often born from a place of deep personal solitude. Ultimately, though, all art is a form of communication. Its transformational power requires dialogue and interaction with the world. Creativity must be shared.

Surround yourself with people you love and  watch your level of inspiration expand beyond what you ever thought imaginable. The people I love encourage me forward. They help me gain new perspectives on my thinking.  Their belief in me and my ability to succeed in this project is a gift confidence I cherish beyond words. I value their feedback immensely. Love plays a major role in my creative process and it is absolutely fundamental to the work I am able to do.




3 thoughts on “The Role of Love in the Creative Process

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