We are creative expressions of energy.


These days when I walk in the woods, I sense the greenness of the forest could possibly absorb me completely. My existence feels infinite in this place. It seems to me that the forest is indifferent to the notion of time as we understand it. Past, present and future blend into one field.

It is sometimes difficult to walk through the darkness of the forest during the winter months. The forest takes on qualities of another world. It makes me go deep within on these walks especially without the distractions typically experienced in other seasons. The solitude makes me feel like I am the only person on the planet at that time. On this particular walk, the light was coming through the trees at the end of the trail and I stopped to take these pictures. It was an unexpected gift. I am always thrilled when a moment like this occurs during my photographic explorations. This scene was magical despite the fact that I have been here a thousand times. I was so inspired.

There is energy in all our surroundings. It’s the invisible web of light that connects us all. Some might call it love. We are energy expressed through matter on this earth. My challenge as an artist is to express what I feel when I tap into this energy. I create to share this message, hopefully,  in a way that is meaningful beyond my identity.

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