Chaos is a Powerful Place of Learning


I am thinking about the meaning of chaos today and how it presents itself  in life. I’m also curious about how I respond in such moments. The month of March is traditionally a crazy time of year for me. I really feel the change of season. It’s a time when I am hyper aware of personal energy levels. March demands exceptional self-care. I wonder if this has to do with the changing light. Regardless, it is a shift in vibrational frequencies around me which necessitates the kind of adjustment associated with periods of transition.

The natural world is remarkably full of chaos. What I see around me in this environment is a visual depiction of randomness, disorder, and complexity. The part of my brain that finds comfort in linear thinking can get confused by the apparent lack of intelligible patterns. It’s hard to makes sense of anything when you are living in the heart of chaos.

In these images, everything seems out-of-place and yet what is entirely miraculous is that each element of the scene is exactly as it should be. Every branch, and every leaf and every tree exists according to its purpose in this divine order.  Nature always knows exactly what to do. Maybe we just need to be more trusting of the universe; to be a bit less afraid of the chaos within it.

There is something completely reassuring about this truth. Nature doesn’t question what should be. It just is. That is such a powerful lesson and one which resonates deeply in a society where we are so overwhelmed by the complexity of our daily lives. It takes a great deal of self-awareness to recover simplicity and clarity in life when it’s so hard to see  beyond the superficial chaos.

Science defines chaos as a form of order that lacks predictability. Beyond the seeming disorder is really an underlying universal and orderly constant which is incredibly beautiful. Order is essentially created from the womb of disorder. The parts of our existence that seem in disarray and in turmoil can lead to places of tremendous inner peace.

Creation myths in many cultures are mankind’s attempt to explain the meaning and importance of this inevitable state of chaos. They help us understand the patterns in our lives. We live our lives within the vastly interconnected systems of the universe. These complicated patterns occur over and over across all systems. They are intuitively correct, deterministic and yet completely unpredictable. We are a part of something much greater than ourselves. Accepting this truth requires profound humility, faith in the positive potential of the unknown and love above all else.




One thought on “Chaos is a Powerful Place of Learning

  1. This talks to me about trusting God, even when things don’t make sense. Yes, we are a part of something that is beyond us and we must trust in the master of it all for he will work it out and in the end, we’ll see. Great piece!

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