We are most creative when we are supported, appreciated and loved unconditionally




Joy is an expression of creativity.

The first snowfall in the mountains is a catalyst for joy in the heart of any alpine enthusiast. I rediscovered these pictures from the beginning of the winter and they made me smile. These pictures are from a trip into the alpine shortly after the first snowfall. We were all so excited and acting like kids again. Everybody was giddy.

We are well into the spring where I live and so this is a bit of a looking back post. I am sharing these photos with you because they are an expression of playfulness and the joy that comes when we are in this state-of mind.

To be creative we need to re-connect with our sense of play.

Nothing says “joy” like a bunch of adult kids spontaneously making snowmen and belly sledding on the snow. There was no fear of judgement here! This was a great example and rare opportunity for personal freedom and craziness. Feeling uninhibited, playful and completely in the moment are emotional indicators ofย  environments that promote creativity.

This is a time and an economy where businesses are seeking to increase productivity and foster higher levels of creativity. These are important and worthy aspirations but they are unlikely to manifest unless there is a change of culture. Our environments greatly impact our sense of happiness and well-being. These environments include the home, the workplace, the community and ultimately the nation. Inspiring environments are the foundation of ingenuity.

We are most creative when we are supported, appreciated and loved unconditionally.

A culture of love is a culture of creativity. This is the key to all successful creative environments.ย  A workplace that feels like play, where the people you work with treat you like family – these are the organizations that are leading innovation in this economy. Focus on the well-being of those who workย  with you in your organization.

Love the people around you and give them permission to be playful and spontaneous. This is how you promote creativity. Love is the greatest source of creativity. When you encourage people with love and genuine appreciation, they will inevitably be the best they can be.

Positive change on a national scale starts with small acts of progress. Maybe think about how you could make Fridays a more creative and fun-filled day. What simple and spontaneous thing can you do today at work or at home to invite playfulness into your life and the life of those around you?

What’s you “play” plan? That’s a strategy worth having. Whatever it is, I hope that it brings you joy.







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