The Path to Creativity is Not Linear

There are times when I feel I’ve lost my way. I wonder if I am on the right path and doubt that there is even still  a path to follow. What does it take to get back on track?


Life is so full of options and sensory experiences that can distract my creative focus. I think generally that when I feel off track, these are times when I am not as mindful of my creative inspiration. Being creative requires  me to pay attention for moments of insight. What is created with that insight is the gift of connection. The longing for connection stems from a desire to  communicate with the world around me. Communication involves risk.

I exist in a culture that relies on a linear world view. We thrive on organizing our lives in terms of events that occur on a time-line.  We are dependent on this particular perception of time. We understand our temporal existence in terms of yesterdays and tomorrows. Our western culture teaches us to define the events of our lives in terms of having a beginning , a middle and an end.

The creative process exists in the now, in this moment. It does not necessarily unfold  according to the laws of linearity.  Creativity is about exploring the unknown.  It’s about going in circles and understanding that endings can reveal a new beginning. Beginnings are often disguised as endings. Sometimes wandering off path  is meant to be. The creative process in nature is more about great cycles. Nature does not will creation. It just happens. We tend to presume that we are  omniscient beings on earth.  It takes a great deal of humility and openness of heart to accept that there is so much that we don’t know and can’t control.

Today, I surrender  to my higher purpose. I trust that I am going in the right direction. I believe  that my journey is taking me exactly where I need to go. I trust that there is a reason for every step and diversion along the way. Love reveals the path before me and I know that I am back on track.


Finding the Way



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