Transformation is About Letting Go

Message of Stones

I feel compelled to create in certain environments by the energy that exists in the moment when I am there. It is an act of documenting and manifesting what it is that I am feeling. Today I am reflecting on the necessity of  letting  go in a culture that seems to perpetually encourage us to consume more and do more. We are driven by the mentality of always needing more. The cult of more is so pervasive in our society. So many distractions to keep us busy and yet so many people feel disconnected and alone.

Transformation can not occur without an ending, a letting go. I use the stones to mark the place where I let go. The medium of stone declares something compelling to the world. It is the material of choice for messages that must find lasting communication. It is a creative material often associated with places of remembrance. Stones comfort us with the idea of permanence. They remind us of our temporal existence on earth. Expressions in stones offer a sense of continuity and strength. They are contemplative and soothing. I find focus and meaning in these stones and through this moment of creativity.

Finding ways to manifest my creative energy allows me to re-connect to what is sacred in my life. May the act of creating this work be of everlasting relevance.


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