Love is the Best Antidote for Judgement

Weed or Flower?

I am observing the white clover in my garden and find it curious that I attach judgement to its presence within the grass. Why do I consider this plant undesirable? Clover is a valuable pasture crop around the world. It is a proven source of fodder, honey and an excellent source of nitrogen for fields. Why is it that I impute a negative connotation to this plant which otherwise causes no harm to my garden?

I am reflecting on the role of personal mindset on the reality that I create around me. Art is the realm of perception and of the senses. Perception is distorted through the filter of our biases, expectations and beliefs. The filters we apply to the reality we experience and create can sometimes cause a sense of disconnect in our lives.

I consider and judge the clover in my garden as being unwanted.  This valuable plant, in this context, and seen through the  filters of my perception, suddenly becomes undesirable. Where the plant grows affects how I view and experience it. Why can the plant be considered valuable and beautiful in one context and undesirable in an other?

My reflections on the clover inspire me to create and document my insight. Judgement is more a reflection of the person doing the judging than of the entity being judged. We create misunderstandings and conflict when our filters get in the way. I do the work in this moment by placing the love letters in the clover. I realize that I am responsible for the life I create through my perceptions.

I see the powerful link between my creativity and my  inner journey towards higher consciousness. The work and the act of creating is a way of documenting my life, my process and hopefully my evolution. Creativity helps me find profound meaning in every day of my life. I focus on the clover with a kind, open heart and in doing so I reach greater understanding through my creativity.

I discern a choice and a new way of being in this moment. I am aware and understand now that love heals judgement. The only difference between the weed and the flower is love. The work is about perceiving my life through the filter of love and compassion. I choose to create my life with love.

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