The Sky Does Not Turn Away the Clouds




The sky is always open. It is forever evolving and yet steadfast. It is a  constant in our earthly lives which we observe with never-ceasing curiosity and wonder. Its vastness is enduring and it represents what we understand to be without end.

I marvel at the sky and its infinite capacity to welcome and release. The heart of the universe knows no limits. Beauty flows effortlessly through it. It weathers all that comes.

This is what makes the sky genuinely noble and generous. It is enormous and yet completely selfless. That is the true nature of its beauty. The sky knows no attachment to the stars or the sun. It welcomes without judgement the rain, the wind, the moon, and the clouds. It is open to both the light and the darkness. The sky does not question what must pass through it and it knows when to let go. It is the channel through which all must pass.

And so our love can be giving like the sky. I look up to the sky and let my heart be open and free.



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