Why Being Still Is Good For You



Clarity of mind only comes with stillness. Attaining such a state of mind in our culture is a formidable challenge. Our perpetual connectedness is addictive and the soul pays a dear price in this age of technocracy. It’s a kind of impairment of the soul that comes from information overload and sensory experience deficiency. Contemporary soul sickness is what I would call it.

I see this pattern in my life. I have to make a conscious  effort to limit my daily intake of web-based activities because I could easily be consumed by it quite willingly. The risk is the undeniable chance of  being denatured by our technology driven lifestyle.  By denatured I mean losing touch with our ability to experience life directly from our senses. The senses are the conduit to emotion. They open the secret door to the world of creative process.  Our creative mind then takes that repository of sensory experience and plays with it to find meaning. Intuition and curiosity, the origin of all creativity, are literally at play here. This is a relaxed state of uninhibited childlike play. It is where we can explore and make new connections.

The place for this art installation work at Harmony Creek represents the moment in my contemplation when the meaning of my experience is revealed. I place the love letters on a rock across the stream. This is the visual representation of a moment of truth and deeper understanding. When the water is completely still I can see through beyond the surface. In this quiet natural space I go beyond the stress and distraction of my daily life. Nature speaks to me this way, mostly when I take the time to listen, reflect and be open to new ways of thinking.

“The simple process of focusing on things that are normally taken for granted is a powerful source of creativity.”
Edward De Bono

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