Love Art on the Farm

Love Two PumpkinsIMG_0216

Sow the seeds of love and you will harvest happiness. We all have such an infinite  capacity for love. Small acts of kindness that grow love can be planted in our daily routines.  The field is our life. It is ours to nurture.



Anytime spent on the farm is a tremendous source of creative inspiration. The themes of planting and caring for something that will grow and give nourishment are a rich source of artistic metaphor. Caring for something or someone requires love, passion and dedication. It also makes us grow as a person in the process. This magnificent creative force is evident everywhere on the farm. I can see the  joy that these families experience while wandering in the fields. Today they are on a quest for the perfect seasonal pumpkin. I am here with my family. This is an adventure I have shared with my kids since they were very young. These days  I return with teenagers and remarkably they still have a loving appreciation for this time we share.



” Don’t judge each day by the harvest your reap but by the seeds that you plant.”

Robert Louis Stevenson


Aesthetically , the colours and textures of the crop fields post harvest are completely captivating for me. I love the signs of natural decay emerging as fields are left to replenish through the winter. The growing season has come to an end.  The crops are harvested but what remains is beautiful in its own way. There is something very important to consider when looking at what is leftover. The cycle of life is evident everywhere.

To me this phase is as interesting visually as when the crops are ripe with perfection. I place no judgement on their current state of decay. Many of the summer plants have gone to seed now and to me there is so much potential here. It gives me a sense of hope for some reason. I think farmers are so resilient because they understand and have a way of connecting to a positive belief in the future. There is always hope for the next season and the opportunity for new beginnings it brings every year. I look at the rotting crops but know in my heart that they also represent a renewal. The symbolism all around is so relevant and profound. Nature inspires me and it continues to help me understand feelings that otherwise know no words.



” The thankful receiver bears a plentiful harvest.”

William Blake


These pictures were taken at North Arm Farm in Pemberton, British Columbia, Canada.

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