Love Leaves a Lasting Impression


“We are shaped and fashioned by what we love.” Goethe


A few years ago I almost died and this changed my life forever. My wish for you is that you may be transformed without having to go through the suffering that I experienced. My hope is that you will believe that this is also possible for yourself. I sense that many people are looking for this knowledge in our culture today but only gain this kind of awareness much too late in life.

I learned the most important lesson that our earthly existence can teach us is to make love the inspiration for all our choices.  I live every day now based on this key understanding. It is the driving force behind all of my creative work.  It is a single-minded purpose and the most important thing I can communicate for the rest of my life. We all have this great purpose in common and it is what brings meaning to every life.

When I was very sick, I did not long for material things or the pleasures that money offers. Facing my mortality changed all of this. Clarity of vision comes very quickly in these moments. All I really care for is love, peace and beauty. That is what really matters to me.

Time is the most precious of all our resources. It is the great equalizer. Every person has 24 hours in a day. There is nothing that alters this reality for all people on earth. Please make the most of your days because nobody really knows how long we are here for. Never take this for granted.

Start today. Don’t waste another minute. Love yourself and those around you. Create beauty in your life. This is how you find meaning. It is the most important thing you can do in your lifetime.

The love your create in art and in life will leave a lasting impression in time. It is a legacy that will never end. Love is timeless.

I took these images a few days ago while spending the day at a local farm with my family. My teenagers are used to me “pulling” out the LOVE letters now on such adventures. They are very supportive of my passion for this project. My daughter actually came up with the idea of placing the letters in the earth in this field where we were walking. I loved the potential for  metaphor in this suggestion immediately. We created this moment together. Love art was the result. I am so blessed to be alive today to share this moment with you too.


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