Why Music Keeps Me Alive



Regret is a very powerful emotion. I discovered this a few years ago while battling breast cancer. Regret is especially motivating when you experience it as a result of facing your own mortality. There’s nothing like a deadline to shake things up in one’s life. It   really gets you into action.

Regret taught me a few things. It helped me chart a new course in my life. It forced me to imagine a vision of myself that was very different from before. Here is the key insight. I discovered that I wanted to live a creative life. Urgently. This is the motto I live my days by now and it guides every single decision I take in all aspects of my life.

I share my story because I hope it will help others make some changes in their lives that are long overdue. Be inspired and be empowered to grow creatively. Be the best that you can be. We all have talents that can bring goodness in the world. Everybody is an artist.

I want people to understand that the time for those changes is NOW. Don’t wait any longer because I know from experience that our days are numbered. We know this to be true but deep down we all kind of deny this reality.  Why are you here? Think about it because your life is precious.

I had lots of time to reflect on life and the universe when I was sick.  I spent five months in bed undergoing aggressive chemotherapy treatments. It was my “thinking” year. Loss was a daily occurrence. On some days it felt like everything in my life was being taken away from me. My energy, youth, femininity, passion, mobility, independence, security  and the most precious of all resources, time.

I started to really consider seriously what is most important to me. I realized that what I regretted the most was not pursuing my childhood passion for music. This was something I did as a young child while learning classical piano and then as a teenager composing and singing my own songs. Then I “grew up” and didn’t play music for a few decades. It is hard as an adult in our culture to allow yourself to be a beginner again so I let my passion go. I abandoned my passion for music with great consequence. I think that there are many people today who can relate to this story and understand  its relevance in their lives.

I made a commitment to myself in those dark days of chemo. I knew that when I returned to health that I would dedicate the rest of my life to my creative passions, music being number one as a mode of self-expression. I reconnected to my passion for music the hard way. Cancer was the catalyst for this transformation. Today, music sustains my recovery and it keeps me alive.

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” PLATO

My goal is to share some of my compositions and singing on this blog in the near future. I returned to the study of music and composition when I was healthy again a couple of years ago.  I discovered that I have a half decent voice as well and continue with voice training. My leaning curve is exponential  but I don’t let that stop me. I truly believe now that it is never too late to live your dreams.

I am living my dream now and my wish is to share more of my expression in the world because the message I have is to love, yourself and others. Regret taught me this important lesson and you don’t need to go through the hardship of an illness such as cancer to also apply this lesson in your life. When you will look back at your life from the perspective of your last days, all that will really matter is love.  The love we put out there is of the greatest meaning and as artists we can lead the way. If I can do this so can you. Get going. Express and CREATE. When you give yourself permission to create joy, beauty and love in your life, the world is a better place. There is profound meaning in your creative expression.



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