Be Curious about Your Shadow


Shadows are interesting to artists. Images are essentially born out of darkness. It’s the shadows that help us define what we see. Values form the object in the eye and reveal a third dimension. They tell us as much about the object as they do about the light source. Where there is shadow there is light. Our shadows always follow us in life.  They always exist quietly behind what is brightly illuminated. Be curious about your shadow. What does it reveal?

Here, the gentle and glowing winter light creates shadows that are blue. They are evidence of the sun’s last efforts on a cold winter day. Soon darkness will return.  The snow creates the perfect canvas for the soft patterns formed by the shadows. The sun sits low on the horizon. It is end of day and the fading light enhances the detail and texture of the ground. There is fleeting beauty in this image. It’s a gift of  insight and metaphor.

The shadows  seem to dance within the frame encircling the message. Meaning abounds in this simple creation. The placing of the letters on this ground is an ethereal moment captured in time. I feel comfort here and yet a sense of longing for endless summer days. Duality is a part of life; movement and stillness, comfort and yearning, the seen and the unseen. Love is everywhere.



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