Reading Life Messages in the Ice

Love is everywhere and it’s beautiful. This is the message I get from nature as I am observing what is in front of me. The patterns and textures created by the ice are so intricate and complex. Nature is the greatest artist and with so much to teach us. Life is fragile. Live it with great care.

The temperatures have dropped and a thin layer of ice covers the water. It is thin and delicate but I can still see through to the bottom. It’s a perfect line drawing and while the colours in these images are rich I prefer the black and white renditions. They seem to stress the contrast and shading in the ice.

While I was photographing these images a group of students arrived. They too observed the ice and some of them immediately started to stamp their feet into the ice. It was irresistible. There is something about smashing ice puddles that is fascinating. My kids used to take great pleasure in doing this too when they were little. Maybe it’s the sound of the ice fragmenting. I’m not sure but they enjoyed it very much.

I was a little disappointed because for me it was a creative process in that moment. My observation of this simple scene was still ongoing but I did manage to take a few shots before the destructive forces of the group altered what was there forever.

That incident gave me an insight in my life. Respect the beauty of every moment while understanding that it’s all so precious and temporary. Love while you can and appreciate what is fragile and beautiful in your life. Nothing lasts forever so make yourself see, understand and appreciate all that is important to you. You have to take the time to do this. Chances are you will find the love that you long for in these places.

Edith Lake


Ice Abstraction


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